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 "to the world I maybe one person but to one person I maybe the world"

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Professional Psychosocial (various mental health conditions) alcohol and drug misuse Recovery 

Questions we can answer

NDIS Recovery Coach Questions

In the grips of a new strange world where nothing is the norm any more, it is natural to question our lives, the way we are living, why we are working, why we do the things we do and feel the the way we feel". 
The Covid 19 virus has forced this on all of us. Question is, is there anything I can do?  What can I do? 
As we are drawn into doubtful thinking we are creating nothing but stress, anxiety and worry, nothing but grief to the point of helplessness and fear of the unknown. 
Then the question arises "Will alcohol bring me happiness? Will drugs make me feel better? Will my medication for my mental condition relieve me and how many different types of medication will it take just for some peace of mind?
Medical science has proven time and time again that if our thinking and emotional state leads to alcohol and drugs which make us sick then maybe "my" thinking and emotions can lead me to peace of mind and a better way of living.  What do you think?

Having personally risen above and overcome alcohol and drug misuse, grieve trauma and loss, mental health,
financial insecurity, domestic violence and suicide.
I have created a design for living which has brought me peace of mind, happiness and a life beyond my wildest dreams. The process of how I achieved this result is the program which I coach.
Having found my contentment and happiness by accepting my lot in all walks of life - (the rich and the famous, the sick and suffering, the poor and the helpless) my coaching teaches this to you so you can too.
I offer challenges and opportunity to change and I am only a phone call away, just call me.
Its a free call.

Don't wait for the marriage to go, for the job to be lost, for the money to run out, ring now.

If you need clarification on questions please call Christa direct on 0422 835 700


Is their any support I can claim with my NDIS Plan?

Yes. Support is available for people experiencing a primary condition of psychosocial disability- mental health and alcohol and drug misuse (substance misuse).

What is psychosocial?

" psychosocial" is relating to the inter-relation of social factors and individual thought and behaviour.

eg. the nature of a study that examines the relationship between a persons fears and how he/she relates to others in a social setting.

Does our support comply with NDIS consensus.?

Yes. NDIS provides a long- term focus on the merit of investment in good community mental health support. 


This kind of support NDIS claims has been missing in the clinical mental health system, meaning that now GP's will refer you to this new pathway for care and support, which we specifically provide. 


To whom it may concern,


I have had the pleasure of meeting Christa Bidgood through my son who has been experiencing severe and troubling mental health issue including drug misuse of which I was unaware.


I had become quite disillusioned with available ongoing support for my son and was hardened to the fact the system had failed to address his mental health problems with any clarity, understanding or care factor. 


Christa has provided ongoing emotional and professional support for both my son and myself with insight, candour and empathy. Christa's professionalism, commitment and encouragement has enabled my son to address his immediate problems and reach out for the ongoing 24/7 support Christa has offered him.


Christa is an amazing woman with a lifetime of worldly and professional experience for which I would highly recommend her to my closest of friends if they were in need of emotional and spiritual professional support. 


Warm regards 


Carolyn Newton  2021

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