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My unique approach is renowned throughout the recovery community. I am an addiction consultant defined as a "lived experienced" representative* - a person who 

  • has experienced a mental illness or accessed health treatment services

  • has experienced problematic alcohol and/or other drug misuse, including those that have received services from alcohol and other drug treatment services.


  • has experienced suicidal thoughts or survived a suicide attempt.


  • is or has been a carer for a person who has received services from a mental health treatment service (also known as a carer) 


  • has cared for someone through suicide crisis or been bereaved by suicide. Is a significant other who has provided support to a person who has received services from a mental health or alcohol and other treatment services.

* Note: defined by QLD mental health alcohol and other drugs branch the importance of lived experience representatives (the consumers) is acknowledged by The National Safety and Quality Health Standards participation in service planning and evaluation to improve healthcare outcomes. 

Further experience - certificate of Psychosocial Recovery Coaching, diploma of Professional Addiction Therapy 

In my 30 years of mental illness and addiction recovery I am the recipient of 

  • 2005 Rotary's Community Service Award 

  • 2007 The Australian Humanitarian Award for Altruism (Patch Adams) 

  • 2010 Citizen of the Year Award- City of Gosford Council NSW

  • 2013 My story - Oz Recovery was published in the International In Recovery

       Magazine being the first Australian Recovery Story

  • 2015 Inspirational Woman of the Year - Women NSW

Having qualified in a Diploma of Professional Addiction Counselling and Psychosocial Counselling, I have developed a technique based on the scientific phenomenon of transformation and life change all of which helps my clients to reprogram their thinking and emotions for amazing and astonishing results.

After developing a family alcoholism and addiction consulting/ mentoring technique, (including mental health conditions) I experienced the results of long term sobriety and recovery along with family life changes, the unification of separated couples, children to parents, employees to employers. This technique I developed from my 30 years of personal family recovery, 12 step programs, building and running a treatment (Gesundheit) home. This provided the endless hours of research, development and lived experience, along with dual diagnosed (mental illness) (psychosocial) alcoholics, addicts and families, all of whom participated in the development of this technique.   


My approach to alcoholism, addiction recovery and mental health, provides a personal technique. This technique renews a broken life, for anyone who is looking to break free from the bondage of alcohol and drug misuse and supports maintaining a mental illness condition for long term sober living. 


My lived experience extends information to families, community and professionals involved in the treatment,  prevention and intervention of alcoholism and addiction.

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I encourage anyone to book an initial chat with me who has a genuine desire to overcome alcohol and drug misuse, learn to live with their mental illness and is seeking a sober, happier way of living. 


For those who find a persons alcohol or drug use (often coupled with mental illness), troublesome and a concern and are looking for a trusting understanding person to confide in for a solution, you are also welcome to contact me.

Things you maybe thinking about:

  • alcohol misuse and drug misuse solutions for myself, a family member, an employee , a friend

  • is my mental illness drug induced or was I born with it?  Can I change it, can I get better?....

  •  drug, alcohol and mental health related court issues I don't know what to do or who to speak to.

  •  Parents whose children are in protective care feeling lost and helpless - how can I change it?...

  •  unsure in recovery, losing sight of my sober life, looking for happiness and peace, what can I do?.....

  •  spiritual journey, I'm looking for hope, trust and faith, why am I not happy?.....

  •  family problems, will we ever love and support each other again?

  • What can I do to change the way the family treats me?

  •  employers  experiencing issues with an employee's excessive drinking and or drug taking.  What can I do?  

  •  self concerns, Life is so difficult , I'm feeling unloved, lonely and scared, 

  • seeking to expand on their spiritual journey of recovery and enlightenment .  Is there more?.....



Friendly, Caring Initial Interviews


We give ample time to the care interaction with all concerned.  The 7 minute "office visit" in which only one "problem"

is addressed is common to the health care system as a result everyone including nurses and physicians end up feeling

de-humanised.  We treat everyone as friends.  The Health Care giver is just as important as the health of the care receiver.

We believe in a true, caring, relationship where everyone becomes givers and receivers of care. 

Complimentary medicines we find are essential and accepted.  

To address the physical, emotional, spiritual and social categories of health and illness we intergrade the latest bio-scientific medical care with a variety of therapeutic systems and modalities.


  • Alcohol - establishing the problem, finding the best solution

  • Drug Misuse - establishing the problem, finding the best solution

  • Presenting to the professionals clear information and the definition of alcoholism and addiction.

  • Your mental Health Condition

Recovery Fact Finding, Reporting and Appraisals for:

  • Centrelink

  • Human Services - Mental Health

  • Family Law Court

  • Criminal Court

  • Employers

  • NDIS


current projects 2.png

Lived Experience (on behalf of consumers)Representative to Queensland Health Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch Engagement and Participation Strategy 2018-2021(National Drug Strategy 2017-2026)

The Royal Commission on Disabilities

The Disability Royal Commission was established in April 2019 in response to community concern about widespread reports of violence against, and the neglect, abuse and exploitation of, people with disability. These incidents might have happened recently or a long time ago. The Disability Royal Commission will investigate:

  • preventing and better protecting people with disability from experiencing violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation

  • achieving best practice in reporting, investigating and responding to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability

  • promoting a more inclusive society that supports people with disability to be independent and live free from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.


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